DermaWand - Handheld Beauty Treatment System

DermaWand - Handheld Beauty Treatment System
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Designed for in-home use, the DermaWand offers the same technology used by skin-care therapists in professional beauty salons around the world. Derma Wand is a small, electric, hand-held device that creates high frequency, low level micro current pulsations that massage your skin at up to 164,000 cycles per second. It is designed to help give your skin a youthful lift and glow while at the same time creating enriched oxygen to nourish, cleanse and purify your skin's surface.

The DermaWand makes a fantastic addition to any skin care routine system as it's fast & easy to use; it's portable and convenient, effective on most skin types and is cost effective!


  • DermaWand
  • DermaWand creates a mini-massage that stimulates, purifies and cleanses the skin with direct pulsations. Regardless of your age and skin type, DermaWand can create immediate and powerful results:
    • Can temporarily diminishes appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, sags, and puffiness
    • Helps to restore youthful glow to dull, tired skin and revitalise and stimulate the skin's surface
    • Works to increases the appearance of skin definition and tone
    • Can reduces appearance of pore size
    • Creates enriched oxygen to nourish, cleanse and purify your skin’s surface
    • Helps promote your skin's natural rejuvenating process
  • Easy to use - instructional DVD and booklet included
  • Say goodbye to expensive salon treatments
  • Portable and convenient
  • Great addition to any home bathroom
  • Colour: White
  • Brand: DermaWand

Package Contents

  • 1x DermaWand (L) 18cm x (W) 5cm x (H) 5cm
  • 1x Beauty guide
  • 1x Instructional DVD
  • 1x Pink carry bag