DigiMATCH Combination Digital TV Antenna

DigiMATCH Combination Digital TV Antenna
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The Matchmaster Digimatch VHF⁄UHF Combination TV Antenna is a high quality Australian designed and manufactured antenna that is suitable for both analogue and digital television reception. It is designed for wideband reception making it ideal for metropolitan and most country areas around Australia. The antenna has 30 UHF⁄VHF X-Type Co-linear Elements giving it a wider bandwidth coverage, higher gain and improved VSWR (Volt-Standing Wave Ratio) & Front-to-Back Ratio for superior Carrier to Noise ratio than other existing antenna designs. It is also designed for future UHF allocations plus one networks system, thus future proofing against an early obsolescence. The antenna has a digital anti-reflecting matching system (DMS) achieved by diplexing the UHF and VHF antennas together, giving 20dB isolation for sharper analogue pictures and better Bit Error Ratio (BER) for digital transmission. A detachable UHF section allows the antenna to be used in Horizontal and Vertical areas as well as Horizontal-Vertical combination areas such as Canberra, Dubbo, Wide Bay and Shepparton.

Finally, the antenna is fitted with an 'F' Type PCB Balun for quick installation and improved VSWR. The VHF elements are constructed from 12.7mm diameter aluminium tubing, lending extra strength against the harsh Australian environment. The strenghtened rectangular boom is powder coated for longevity while all plastic components are constructed from ultraviolet (U⁄V) stabilised and resistant black ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), a tough plastic that is resistant to heat, impact and chemical stresses.All metal screws are of stainless steel in order to reduce the chances of rusting and corrosion. The L4033 is a worthy investment for your new digital television installation, giving many, many years of trouble-free reception and viewing pleasure, from a company that has the seal of Quality Assurace under Quality Standard ISO9002.

  • Digital ready combination TV antenna
  • Suits all metro and most country areas
  • Australian designed and manufactured
  • Specifications

    • UHF/VHF 'F' Type antenna
    • Combination High Quality Digi-Match VHF⁄UHF TV Antenna.
    • Ideal for Metro.and most country areas.Pole illustrated (Not Included)
    • Digital Ready UHF⁄VHF X Type Co-linear 30 Element Combination Television Antenna
    • Improved Gain, VSWR & Front-to-Back Ratio for superior Carrier to Noise ratio
    • X Type elements for wider band width and higher gain
    • Ready for today and future UHF allocations and plus one networks
    • Digital anti-reflection Matching System (DMS) achieved by diplexing the UHF and VHF antennas together, giving 20dB isolation for sharper analogue pictures and better Bit Error Ratio (BER) for digital transmission
    • 'F' Type PCB Balun for quick installation and improved VSWR
    • Detachable UHF section allowing it to be used in Horizontal and Vertical areas as well as Horiz⁄Vertical combined areas such as Canberra, Dubbo, Wide Bay and Shepparton
    • Australian designed and manufactured
    • Boom length: 1654mm
    • Balun: 'F' Type PCB Balun + Diplexer
    • Stainless steel screws
    • Black ABS UV resistant plastics
    • VHF elements 12.7mm diameter
    • Band: I, II, III, IV, V
    • No. of Elements: 30
    • Channels: VHF (2-12) 64.25 - 230MHz, UHF (21-69) 470 - 860MHz
    • Max. Gain: B1=3.5dB, B3=7dB, UHF=11dB
    • AV VSWR: 1.9:1
    • AV F⁄B (Front-to-Back) Ratio: B3=13dB, UHF=21dB
    • Box Size: (H) 23.5cm x (W) 9.5cm x (L) 134cm

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    • Jo t 5 in South West Slopes, NSW

      5/5 stars

      My TV reception has improved dramatically. Thank you...Thank you...Thank you!

    • Raj in liverpool, NSW

      5/5 stars

      awesome product easy to setup & works fine.

    • 1820.horses in Little Mulgrave, Qld

      4/5 stars

      Its doing exactly what it is designed for and expected to do.

    • 21slm in Sydney Outer Western Suburbs

      5/5 stars

      I was very impressed, easily installed by a women too!! I've never had such good TV Reception.

    • Mick from Qld in Brisbane, Qld

      4/5 stars

      I am a antenna installer. Great for Homes where there is more than 3 Tv Points. I mainly use Matchmaster/Digimatch Antennas for my business

    • diehard never give up in Sydney NSW

      5/5 stars

      Easy to install: Great Television reception after installation: A fantastic product

    • PaulC in sydney

      5/5 stars

      all good and at a great price

    • Teale Duck in Mt Helena, WA

      4/5 stars

      I used the antenna to replace one that was probably over 15 years old. Easy to asseble and install. Reused existing cable. Improvement in reception was immediately obvious.

    • Nolava in Perth WA

      4/5 stars

      Provides good clear reception.

    • The Judge in Launceston Tas

      5/5 stars

      Live in a rental and needed an antenna. Shopped locally and [...] it was $30.00 cheaper. [...] I followed the instructions to set it up in hours.Thank you OO.com.au

    • Beaulah in Melbourne. Vic

      5/5 stars

      Currently have a very good small analoge Tv in living area and this upgrade will prolong its life with the full intoduction of digital transmission.

    • mrmagoo in Perth

      5/5 stars

      This aerial was a little difficult to assemble but the results were worth it

    • MotherM in Highett, Victoria

      5/5 stars

      Assembly was relatively quick and easy however, a couple of the illustrations could have been clearer with more detail. Once assembled enough of the elements fold to allow passage through doorways etc. Overall a good product at a good price.

    • Gran in Wamuran, Queensland

      5/5 stars

      Easing to assemble and attach to roof mount when you follow the instructions (I should have done that first). Quite easy even for a old women like me. However, I did break a finger nail!!!

    • cando in brisbane qld

      5/5 stars

      Looked difficult to assemble but had no trouble works great on two televisions.

    • Rocketman in Brisbane Qld

      5/5 stars

      The DigiMATCH Combination UHF/VHF Digital Ready TV Antenna has improved my reception 100 percent. I have 4 TV receivers connected and all receive perfect reception from this antenna. The price was very competitive.[...] An excellent product. I have no complaints.


      5/5 stars


    • kroppkaka in Adelaide, SA

      5/5 stars

      A novice like me can put this together. The quality of signal is now perfect without no poor signal messages anymore. It uses F connectors and I would recommend to get crimp tool and do the cabling yourself with quad coaxial cable.

    • Ren in Vic

      5/5 stars

      yes clear reception

    • country mum in Brim, Victoria

      5/5 stars

      We were without a workable antenna for 5 months. Nothing we bought would pick up the reception where we are. I bought this one on a whim and as a 'last resort' and "wallah" Instant Television!!! I would recommend this antenna for all those who live in areas where reception is dodgy as we get perfect reception now. (I can finally watch deal or no deal again!!!) We get better reception than some of those who live in town - and that is saying something!

    • canabl in Penrith

      5/5 stars

      everything included in package to make assembly and install a breeze

    • Awrecker in Adelaide, South Australia

      5/5 stars

      Once laid out all parts it was easy to assemble.

    • Hoppy in North Epping NSW

      5/5 stars

      Mounted on roof skylite - looks good - works great!

    • heinz tomato in W.A

      5/5 stars

      Things that are great about it

    • bacad in perth. WA

      5/5 stars

      Simple to assemble and simple to install. Works perfectly - a good buy.

    • Arturo in Sydney,NSW.

      4/5 stars

      Assembling the antenna was easy and straightforward. Instructions where clear and all required bits and pieces where included in the box.